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See what our clients say

See what my Clients have to say...

Rick M.

"In trying financial times Eileen brought great news and a terrific selection of products that will provide a guaranteed retirement income while protecting our capital investment. Our bank didn't tell us about these products as they are unable to offer them. We only wish we'd had the benefit of Eileen's advice years ago. Eileen, thank you for saving our RRSPs from further erosion."

Dawn B.

"I highly recommend Eileen for her integrity and initiatives in this community."

Mike and Rhonda V.

"Rhonda and I choose to work with Eileen for our retirement planning needs for several reasons. We liked her from the from the moment we met her through our local Chamber of Commerce. She has the ability to explain complicated details in simple understandable terms. More than patient with all of our questions. She provided great insurance and borrowing advice. Best of all, she's put our RRSP's into investments where we can stop worrying about the market downturns and have complete peace of mind knowing they will give us a guaranteed income for life once we retire. When you're self employed and don't have a pension having this lifetime guarantee matters. We both highly recommend and thank Eileen!"

Carolyn C.

"I came to Eileen from a Toronto wealth management group, highly recommended by a local realtor. She has exceeded my expectations and is working with the next generation with her most effective communication and guidance skills."

Phyllis M. - Client Since 1992

"There have been many changes to the economy over the years, but Eileen has always worked with me to protect and grow my investments, I trust her judgement and advice. I give her full credit for the success of my investments in my portfolio. Being advised by Eileen has been an enjoyable experience for me and I greatly value the friendship that we have developed over the years."

Elaine F.

"My name is Elaine Frise and I'd like to take a few minutes to tell you my financial advisor  - Eileen Madder, CFP. I first met Eileen a few years ago when she was a speaker in a seminar on "Financial and Estate Planning." Eileen's presentation was very informative and dealt with current issues, I learned a great deal that day. I also needed to find an advisor who was knowledgeable and approachable (one who would listen to my client needs) especially for her senior clients- and I found her! Eileen meets with me in regular intervals to review my reports. She is also available whenever I need advice or have concerns- for which I am very grateful. It's such a good feeling to know that I made the right changes- and the right choice for my financial advisor!"

*Last names removed for privacy